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Tom & Kalissa Landa

They say necessity is the mother of invention. When the pandemic hit, like many of their fellow musicians, Tom and Kalissa found themselves with a years with of cancellations for their bands, The Paperboys, Locarno, and The BC World Music Collective. 


Basically unemployed, they took to playing live, online, for their social media communities. Everyday for three months, the couple shared acoustic and duo versions of their songs to entertain people and lift spirits during lockdown. They called these online gatherings, The Slipper Sessions. 


From these sessions came new songs, penned specifically for the two of them. The songs were more introspective and intimate than any of their ensemble work. Being no strangers to touring or performing, these Juno Award-winning musicians are taking the living room feel of the Slipper Sessions to theatres and PACs across North America.

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