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Steve Dawson

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Steve Dawson is an award-winning Canadian guitarist, solo artist, songwriter, pedal steel player, multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer living and working in Nashville, TN. He spent the last few years pre-pandemic on the road playing guitar, steel and dobro with Allison Russell’s band Birds of Chicago, and Canadian powerhouse Matt Andersen. He has produced, engineered and mixed over 100 albums for many artists from all over the world, and continues to work as a side-person and freelance musician both on stage and in the studio. Steve is also the creator of the well-loved Music Makers and Soul Shakers podcast, which has been going for over 6 years and 135 episodes. During 2020, Steve recorded enough material for 3 solo albums, all of which were released throughout 2022/2023 as he continues to produce albums and tour with his band, or whoever else asks him along for the ride. (He is not the Steve Dawson from Chicago (songwriter/Dolly Varden founder), or the Steve Dawson who slays the bass in Saxon.)

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