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Claire Coupland

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There is a pureness to Claire's voice that can silence a room.  A moving songwriter and compelling guitarist, Claire combines her smooth signature folk finger picking, jazz influenced progressions and soaring melodies, with a powerful yet tender vocal delivery. Claire has been relentlessly touring her new album and drawing audiences into her intimate and heart wrenching performances. Her new album “New Light” delivers carefully crafted, darker and more vulnerable reckonings of self worth, escaping abuse, painful goodbyes, fragile family dynamics and ultimate hope for the future. After joining forces with Juno award winning musician Sam Weber (Bahamas) and some of LA’s finest musicians (Dawes, Alan Hampton), the album presents fresh and spontaneous arrangements of her songs with mood filled percussion, slinky guitars, sparkling piano and shades of grunge and California rock. Claire Coupland brings a graceful contemporary feel to indie folk music, always with a touch of her “wicked sense of humour” (Rik Emmett, Triumph).

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